What is the Resilient Body Course?

The Resilient Body course is designed to reveal the true blueprint of the world’s best athletes.

For too long the voice of success has said that you have to GRIND everyday, go until it hurts and fight through the pain and fatigue. Despite popular belief, we do not believe this is the blueprint of the world's best athletes. What we have seen time and time again is the most successful athletes are the ones who are the best at feeling good and maintaining their high end even when the toughest challenges are thrown at them. This is accomplished when athletes are rested, clear minded, nourished, and energized; not when they are worn out from trying to grind harder than the rest. The ability to sustain their high end under all circumstances is what we call RESILIENCE and this is the true blueprint of the world's best athletes.

Learn How to Bend Without Breaking

Beginning September 30th, 2020 - We will guide you through the process of developing a body that can weather the storms so that nothing pulls you away from achieving your goals. Each session you will uncover new tools and be coached through how to apply them so that you start to feel immediate change.

  • Leverage simple tools like nutrition and sleep to increase energy, stamina and immunity.

  • Understand why some athletes get injured and some don’t - and how to be one of the ones who doesn’t.

  • Uncover the overlooked factors that help you recover 5x as fast so you can train harder each day.

  • Solidify your preparation for the season ahead so you can have complete confidence that you’re more prepared than any of your competitors.

What's Inside

Get ready to learn the game-changing tools and experience immediate change in your own resiliency.

  • 1
    The Roadmap to Resiliency
    • Your Starting Point
    • Your Vision
  • 2
    • Individualizing Your Sleep Habits
    • Experience Better Sleep
    • Identifying Your Body's Best Fuel
    • Start Fuelling
  • 3
    • Improved Focus, Alertness & Recovery Through Breath Training
    • Relearning How to Breathe
    • The Best Workouts You’ve Never Done - Eliminating Weak Links in Movement
    • Beginning to Eliminate of Weak Links
  • 4
    • The Art of Rebuilding - Developing the Skill of Recovery
    • The Practice of Rebuilding


The tools that you learn will make this investment last the rest of your career.