Why the Team Habits Course?

We created this course for teams that want to set themselves apart from their competitors. 

Uncover the reasons why so many athletes fall victim to injuries, low energy, lack of motivation, cracking under pressure, and mental burnout - and a crystal clear path to sidestepping all of these barriers. 

We help athletes and coaches implement the simple daily habits proven to transform performance.

What Will the Athletes Learn?

Through a simple format of short educational videos and easy-to-follow practices, athletes will learn to:

  • Focus their minds on a specific goal, minimizing distractions and reaching their objectives faster than ever.

  • Leverage key aspects of their nutritional habits to improve energy, speed recovery, and be able to train harder, for longer.

  • Tap into rarely-used physical preparation and recovery strategies that improve physical performance and greatly increase resistance to injury.

  • Overcome the most common barriers to performance that all their competitors are likely falling victim to.

For the Coaches

A team doesn't get far without a coach.

On top of the guidance for athletes, each week features a dedicated video for coaches. We offer up our top insights, drawing from our 15 years of experience implementing the same strategies with athletes of all ages. Coaches will learn the most effective ways to support and stretch their athletes, helping to take simple concepts and turn them into tangible results.

This includes:
  • Tips on how to artfully incorporate aspects of our lessons into training sessions
  • Greater perspective on how each habit the athletes are working on will translate into improved performance
  • Strategies to identify the most common barriers that the athletes face, and ways to help them overcome them
For the Coaches

For the Parents

Behind every great athlete is dedicated parent setting the stage for them to excel.

Parents play a crucial role in helping athletes develop the habits that help them to excel in their sport. 

We see so many parents keen to do whatever they can to help keep their kids healthy, happy, and excited to play their sport - and in this course you'll find our top recommendations on how parents can leverage their role and make the most profound impact. 

Each parent will receive their own login to a special version of the course designed just for them. They'll see what the athletes see, but with an additional video clarifying common misconceptions and highlighting the ways they can be of the greatest help.

What's Inside

Each week focuses on a specific topic with a short (~5 min) video, offers an easy habit to implement, and shares inspiring insights from those who have seen the benefits.

  • 1
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    Week 1
    • All About Intention
    • Journaling Questions
    • Flash Forward: Grant O'Gorman
    • The Daily Athlete Journal
  • 3
    Week 2
    • Preparing for Training
    • 4-Minute Magic
    • 4 Minute Magic Quick Reminders
    • Flash Forward: Andrew Robson
  • 4
    Week 3
    • Recovery
    • Recovery Habit
    • Twister Recovery Stretches
    • Recovery Snacks
    • Flash Forward: Eric Loeppky
  • 5
    Week 4
    • Nutrition
    • Nutrition Habit
    • Pre-Training Meal Keys
    • Names of "The Harmful Stuff"
    • Flash Forward: Jordan Or
  • 6
    Week 5
    • Mindset
    • Habit Check-In
  • 7
    Week 6
    • Introspection
    • Introspection Habit
    • Journaling Questions
    • Flash Forward: Megan McNamara
  • 8
    Week 7
    • Sleep
    • Sleep Habit
    • Flash Forward: Steph Corker
  • 9
    Week 8
    • Next Steps
    • Championship Habits Introduction


Our goal is to make our transformative practices easily accessible for all teams with super affordable pricing:

  • $69 per athlete for 1-49 athletes

  • Discounts available for >50 athletes